As well as writing Witty After Dinner Speeches, we also provide low cost DIY speech documents, that will simplify writing your own entertaining speech.

If you have an After Dinner Speech to make, these will be an excellent investment and will enable you to easily construct your own very professional speech.

They are available for instant download from the DIY Speech Products page.

  DIY Speech Documents for Instant Download and Tailor Made Speeches

After Dinner Speeches

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It is with regret that I have removed my telephone number from this website, but please don’t think that I am not 100% honest because of it. The reason is that most people seem to prefer to contact me by e-mail and because of that I often only receive 1 phone call per week. Unfortunately, I receive many times that amount from marketers and automated diallers, who find my number on my websites.

If you would like to speak to me by telephone, please e-mail me and I will forward my phone number or phone you. I am always delighted to answer queries or enquiries regarding speeches and assist in any way I can; stress relief therapy is happily given.

My e-mail address is and I reply to e-mails twice a day even at weekends.

Best Wishes.

Malcolm Perkins, 1 Charles Avenue, New Waltham, Grimsby, North East Lincolnshire. DN36 4PD.